We are Emma and Pete.

Husband and wife, soul mates and best friends.  We met on Myspace eleven years ago (yup, Myspace) and we've been shooting weddings together for just over eight years, been married for six and have been parents to Frank for a year and a half.

We are photographers that from the very beginning were adamant to be just one thing.. honest.   Honest with who we were, what we were about and most importantly.. how we shoot.  We are stupidly passionate about people, telling their stories, listening, investing and feeling connected with what we do and we are equally passionate about giving back and helping others to do the same..

Oh, and we hug hard.


Welcome Home began back in 2012 as a photography workshop and neither of us ever imagined that this little workshop would grow in to such a strong community of brave, honest, supportive and like-minded creatives.  Every single one of them continues to blow us away and now.. because of these truly awesome people, Welcome Home genuinely feels more like it’s own movement.  Sort of a pledge with ourselves.. to be honest.. and to share.. and to support.. and to always, always, always be true to yourself.  


You can view our work on our website www.emmacasephotography.com

Homepage images of past workshops by Martina Capodanno, Chris Scuffins and Jillian Powers (at Snap Photography Festival)