Both Pete and I sat down together and talked about what we love most about Welcome Home.

We love how it attracts like-minded people who want to do meaningful work.  We love how it’s not just about photography but about life and relationships and looking beyond the superficial.  We love watching connections and friendships grow.  We love that everyone walks in not knowing what to expect (and looking as nervous as hell).  We love how everyone really gets to know each other.  We love the open and supportive environment it gives.  We love that we all laugh and (most of us) cry and it feels so bloody good to do so.  We love that it’s not about popularity or ego.  We love that it becomes a family.  We love that the community carries on after the workshop.  We love seeing the change in people. We love seeing the change in us.

And yes we’ll talk some business, there is a shoot with a couple but if we’re truthfully honest that’s not why we want you to come.  We want you to come because you feel like you have to.  Because you feel like a ‘homie’ already.. because you can’t quite put your finger on what you want out of it but you just know you need to be a part of it.  Because you find this world of social media and weddings and running your own business a daunting and sometimes exhausting place.. but you adore it and you adore people and moments and real life connections.  We want you to come because you’ve got so much to say but don’t always have the confidence to say it.

So yes.. technically it’s a photography workshop.. but we’re going to stick our necks out here and say it’s kinda more than that.  It’s about people.. and actually sitting down and listening.. getting to know each other.. getting to know ourselves and pushing aside all the ‘stuff’ for a second and getting down to who we are, what inspires us.. what we love.. who we love.. how we interact.. our why..

We talk, we discuss, we shoot, we share.. and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve just started this photography lark or been doing it for years.. whether you’ve got 50k followers or you’re not on Facebook.. whether you’ve got 2 weddings this year or 2000.. (as Pete would say).. we couldn’t give a rat’s tits.

We just want to get to know you.



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