The ‘homies’ wanted to meet up.. to get together.. there are over 150 of them now so we decided to organise a retreat.. a few days away from it all.. no agenda, no workshop, no teaching.. just a hang out.  We found the amazing Talton Lodge in Warwickshire and on a Tuesday afternoon in April, 30 of us arrived with packed cars having shared lifts and bringing everything but the kitchen sink.  We sat on blankets in the sun.. eating homemade cake, played rounders with lambs as fielders, danced to nineties dance music, had an impromptu conga around the tipi, laughed until our sides ached,  ate the most amazing food, sang happy birthday (which then turned in to us all doing the Superman dance), talked and shared and most importantly.. we switched off.  It was honestly the best three days..

Coming home we wrote in the Facebook group..

We don’t know what it is about the last few days but we’ve come home feeling totally inspired.. but in kinda the opposite way. We’ve come away with a huge sense of life is too short and although our business is super important to us.. this little trip made us realise what’s important to us in our personal life too. We don’t want to miss out on doing the conga around a tipi or playing rounders in the sun.. we don’t want our life to be on hold while our business thrives.. so.. we’re gonna write our own, personal to do list.. things for us.. and we’re going to promise ourselves right now to live more.. to surround myself with good people and to laugh and dance as much as possible.. and then let’s see what new stories we’ll be telling each other next year sat around that fire..

April 2015 will be our third annual Welcome Break and we have a few new plans up our sleeve for this crazy little retreat.. we simply cannot wait to get back to that tipi..

Welcome Break is open to anyone that has been to a Welcome Home workshop.


To show you a bit of what we get up to at Welcome Break here’s a wonderful little stop motion by the equally wonderful Millie and Jo..