welcome home // birmingham 2016

We began the Welcome Home journey back in May 2012, it feels like a million years away in terms of where we are now and what we’ve experienced in the last 4 years… And yet still so wonderfully familiar and relevant.

We recently hosted our 17th Welcome Home workshop! That’s 210 ‘Homies’ in total. 210 phenomenal, shit kicking open hearted souls who’ve joined us and shared themselves and helped to create this joy filled, loving and supportive community.

With every workshop there always comes a significant marker in time for Emma and I, there is nearly always a slight moment of crisis, self doubt, self consciousness….. but then the workshop takes place and we connect with you beautiful people, we connect with ourselves again and we see happen it all over again, just what an incredible community we have all helped to create around us….

Halfway through this workshop, Em was discussing where we’d been in the last 18 months or so, anxiety, feeling lost and frustrated, not wanting to pick up our cameras, dreading shoots.. and generally feeling not in a positive place… that the pressure, the hustle, the desire, the need to be relevant and compete had impacted on both of us.  It's funny, sometimes you don't see things until you're looking at them in hindsight and on Tuesday, as Emma spoke about it she called it our ‘business breakdown’.  We literally stopped running.  Stopped hustling.. took a major step back and started to try and release ourselves from the 'hold' that sometimes this job has over you.  We needed time to evaluate and examine just what it was we wanted for our future.. as a business... as a married couple. What was important to us now? What makes us HAPPY???

So, in the weeks approaching this workshop we wanted to find out more about the people coming, where were they at in their lives and their businesses? so we asked a few questions and requested some details…..

The response was incredible, it just totally blew us away that all of the responses in their complete raw honesty had an underlying theme to them….. a lot of people have been really feeling the pressure of the industry, feeling uninspired, lost and in need of something, they were not sure what it was… but something was missing…. 

Perhaps it is the current world we live in? The sheer intensity of participating in life, of being involved, being connected, being relevant to an ever changing industry can overwhelm.   More and more we're realising just how important it is to be honest with yourself, to be committed to your passions, to your voice.  To be healthy.  To surround yourself with your tribe, your souls, the people who will fight your corner..

..and invest.  We needed to invest in us just as much as we needed to invest in our business.  We were just as important and we had forgotten that.

Thank you to the lovely Tom and Ryan for coming and having their photo taken and a huge thank you to all our new homies.  We had such a wonderful day and that was totally down to you.