home is..

After our workshop in Manchester an email popped into my inbox from the lovely Rebecca who attended the workshop that week.  She wanted to share the ‘thought of the day’ that she had heard on one of Chris Evan’s BBC Radio Two breakfast shows..

I just think it’s perfect.

Design, build or buying a new home, all of which I have never done myself. I can’t begin to imagine where we will live when we retire and for the first time in our lives have some choice about the place we call home. That wonderful woman Maya Angelou once wrote ‘The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place we can go as we are and not be questioned’.

I suspect for most this sense of home as a sanctuary is essential but no physical home is entirely impregnable, economic or political pressures, illness or relationship breakdown and natural disasters like the cyclone that has devastated Vanuatu, can take away or destroy the space we thought sacrosanct.

As well as addressing injustices and issues that lead to homelessness, I believe each of us needs to build another type of home that is not reliant on bricks and mortar for its stability. Its the sanctuary we create within ourselves, the home we create in our hearts. Its hallmarks are compassion and resilience. If we are lucky its foundations are loving relationships and positive experiences, but more often than not its strength will be forged in the cauldron of hard knocks and deprivation.

With care and attention and the raw materials of life and experience can be used to build enduring courage, determination and the capacity to be love and be loved. We may decorate this inner space with meaningful memories that lift us when we are down. Here, we can dream dreams when we are in this sanctuary and give them space to dance as we move through our lives.

When things fall apart around us, it will be this home space that keeps us standing and unlike the physical homes that we inhabit this home of the heart is with us wherever we go and whatever happens.

Rev Ruth Scott