welcome home // new zealand

We took Welcome Home to the other side of the world and cannot express how happy we are that we now have have Kiwi Homies joining our tribe.  It seems insane and altogether ridiculous that something we began from our little home in Birmingham over 4 years ago, something that felt natural and real and maybe more personal than we realised, would go on to create a community that now stretches to the Southern Hemisphere..

To be honest it was a leap of faith, we absolutely adore New Zealand, we see ourselves as adopted Kiwis, it sings very closely to our hearts and our natural rhythms and The Welcome Home message is something that we wanted to share as we knew it would be the perfect pairing. What we never tend to share is our crippling self doubt a few days prior to running a Welcome Home workshop, a existential crisis of confidence, of proving ourselves or do we still feel the same way about it?.... the workshop is as much a cathartic journey for us as it is for any of the attendees.

As is common place with the workshop, there is always an element of trepidation on all sides when anyone walks in, they are a little uneasy, some wary perhaps and some dare we say it, defiant…. (Should I be here? Do I really need this?) Whereas we on the other hand feel that although we know it’s a good solid experience for everyone, the questions in our heads go along the lines of….. Will people get it? will they go with it? Will they think it's worth it?

The workshop took place this time with our incredible and super talented friends Si and Sophie of Bayly & Moore, we met 3 years ago on our first trip to New Zealand, when we were all speaking at the life affirming and you could say the ‘sister workshop’ to Welcome Home, A Bit More Soul.  We became firm friends instantly and they have since kindly allowed us to stay with them, they also stayed with us for a few days in England last summer…and this time around they hosted our Welcome Home workshop from their beautiful home in Auckland.  Everyone was welcomed with Si’s gourmet coffee (while we in true Brit style supped our PG Tips), the most spectacular lunch (and dinner) and they both also took on Frank babysitting duties too.. we honestly, couldn't be more grateful..

The workshop was just perfect.  A bunch of beautiful humans turned up and gave themselves whole heartedly… and it was reassuring to know that everyone, no matter where you are has the same doubts and insecurities.. but at the same time the message of being real, staying true and knowing your value is a worldwide message…  

In the afternoon we were very lucky to have our couple Courteney and Bobs show up and have their photo taken. Its never easy being photographed, let alone in front of some very keen photographers but they were so lovely and genuine and gave so much to us, it was a real pleasure to have them with us and being able to give them these photos to say thank you is always the icing on the cake..

We also can't believe how wonderful it was to have Frank with us for the day.  We were never sure how any of this would work as a three but we were determined to include him however we could.. especially as he is most definitely a huge part of our ethos.  Welcome Home is about home.. and that is what the three of us are..

..and that is also what New Zealand feels to us to..

..Welcome Home New Zealand, Welcome Home…


We also wanted to say a big thank you to Joel McKerrow for coming along and performing his wonderful poem Welcome Home.  He wrote this poem when we all attended A Bit More Soul and it perfectly sums up how we all feel as artists..

..and also a big thank you to Nisha Ravji for being her inspiring self and also bringing the best cakes EVER.. thanks mate.. :)

We have plans to return to New Zealand next year and have definite plans for another Welcome Home, maybe this time down in Wellington so if you are interested in coming along.. make sure you join our mailing list.. it would be so lovely to see you there..